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Verfasst von Wolfgang Schebeczek am 20. April 2007 um 14:01:22:

Als Antwort auf: questions?? verfasst von Pablo am 18. April 2007 um 13:48:48:

: hijugglers, i`m Pablo from Argentina, Im juggler and now i stay in Viena for 20 days more. I want to ask you, where its the meeting juggling??
: Grettings!!!

Hi Pablo,

Welcome in Vienna. You find dates and locations of local juggling meetings at (Scroll down to "Wien".) If you can't deal with the information given in German, or, have other questions, just ask here.

It seems to me that for most jugglers the current wheather is to fine to join indoor meetings any more, yet not fine enough to meet outdoors. So, it might be that you will not meet many people. Having said this, I recommend to try the (indoor) meetings at WUK on sunday and/or at VS Landsteinergasse.


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