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Verfasst von Sébastien (sebmab [AT] gmail . com) am 24. April 2007 um 01:03:44:

Als Antwort auf: questions?? verfasst von Pablo am 18. April 2007 um 13:48:48:

: hijugglers, i`m Pablo from Argentina, I´m juggler and now i stay in Viena for 20 days more. I want to ask you, where it´s the meeting juggling??
: Grettings!!!
: pablo

Hi Pablo!
Remember me? I'm the french guy you met at the burggarten last friday.I hope we'll see us next sunday at the "altes AKH"!

People from Vienna, just one thing : try to meet Pablo asap, we had'nt had a juggler like this for a long time in Vienna!
He has a great style "à la Emiliano" with 3 clubs (it should be argentinian style, actually...), and has great 3 balls tricks.
Maybe he could also help some of you to learn 97531 ;o).

Best regards from Graz,


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