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Diese Info fand sich bereits in einem JOe Newsletter, die Veranstalter haben mich gebeten das auch hier zu posten:


CIRCONNECTION provides workshops to artists,
promoters,technicians/riggers, teachers of circus in 2010/2011– SEE other

5+ juggling workshop with Luis Toto Nino (Chile) in Budapest, 19-21st

A JUGGLING WORKSHOP to make clear your 5 balls/clubs juggling and to
develop your trick-repertoár with a strong focus on the technique and on
the body posture.

3 days – 15 hours training

+ special evening program to enjoy Budapest:
- Friday: Gran Circus of Budapest - we see the show (free entrance to you)
- Saturday: merging in the Thermal Bath for relaxation

Venue: training space of the Hungarian Circus and Varieté Company –
Budapest, Hungary (find photos and video of Toto)

Price : 90 euro/50 euro for the members of the Hungarian Juggling Association

For more information and registration please contact:
Veronika Gallyas
info [AT] cirkuszinhaz . hu
gallyas . veronika [AT] gmail . com

Upcoming workshops:

13-14th February – juggling with Denis Paumier

19-21th February - 5+ juggling workshop with Toto Luis Nino – Hungary,

24-28th February - Circus rigging course led by Thomas Loriaux – Italy

5-7th March 2010 - Techniques of teaching in circus disciplines Arian
Miluka, Christine Perrin, Eric Angelier – Italy, Grugliasco

20-21st March - Tight rope workshop with Les Colporteurs

10-11st April - Areal technique workshop with Roman Fedin

15-18th April – Mentoring Street Circus Acts with Joanna Bassi – Italy,

3-7th May - Stunt workshop with Rebeka Bakk – Spain, Valencia

15-16th May – Contemporary juggling with Emiliano Alessi - Italy, Grugliasco

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