Juggling Festival Kautzen
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    Juggling Festival Kautzen 2006
      Feb 10-12, 2006
(starting Friday at 12 a.m., closing Sunday at 5 p.m.)
      Hauptschule Kautzen, Waidhofnerstr. 11, 3851 Kautzen
Kautzen is located in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria), about 14 km north of Waidhofen an der Thaya, close to the border of the Czech Republic.
The festival will take place in a school building. At the jugglers' disposal will be a large and a small gym, a 12 metres high entry hall, class rooms, a media room for watching videos, ...
    How to get there?
    By train/bus:
      Manage to get either to Vienna or (if coming from West) to St. Pölten. Both towns are international train destinations.
From Vienna:
Take a bus run by the ÖBB (various places of departure, please, check the timetable) directly to Kautzen, or, take a train from train station Franz Josefsbahnhof to Waidhofen/Thaya, and change it there for the ÖBB bus.
Timetables: http://www.oebb.at/
From St. Pölten:
Take the Wieselbus (from train station St. Pölten) to Waidhofen/Thaya, and change it there for the ÖBB bus.
Timetable: http://www.wieselbus.at/ (or http://www.oebb.at/)
  On Friday (Feb 10th) there is no bus/train from Vienna to Kautzen after 4:10 pm, on Saturday (Feb 11th) there is only a not so comfortable connection. But festival organiser Gerhard Bräuer offers to pick up festival participants in Waidhofen/Thaya on Friday at app. 8:30 pm and on Saturday at app. 10:00 am and 12:45 pm (corresponding to the arrival time of busses or trains, see below)
Important: You have to notify Gerhard before if you want a lift from Waidhofen/Thaya (phone number: see below)! Furthermore, please, only use this service if you really can't come earlier.
  Recommended bus/train connections from Vienna:
(Time: 24 Hour Clock. Please, verify all the given information at http://www.oebb.at/!)
Friday, Feb 10th, 2006:
Vienna, Am Spitz (Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße) 07:32: Bus 1028 (direction: Litschau Busbahnhof)
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 10:10
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 10:30: Bus 1328 (direction: Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße)
Kautzen Postamt 11:07 (travel time: 3:41)
Vienna, Nord-Praterstern (bus terminal) 14:00: Bus 1028 (direction: Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße)
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 16:00
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 16:10: Bus 1328 (direction: Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße)
Kautzen Postamt 16:45 (travel time: 2:53)
Vienna, Karlsplatz (Verkehrsbüro) 15:55, or, Vienna, Nord-Praterstern (bus terminal) 16:10: Bus 1028 (direction: Litschau Busbahnhof)
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 18:00
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 18:20: Bus 1328 (direction: Kautzen Postamt)
Kautzen Postamt 18:53 (travel time: 2:52)
Vienna, Nord-Praterstern (bus terminal) 18:40: Bus 1028 (direction: Litschau Busbahnhof)
Waidhofen/Thaya Gymnasiumstraße 20:24 (travel time: 1:52)
Pick up by Gerhard. (Don't forget to notify him before.)
Saturday, Feb 10th, 2006:
Vienna, Franz Josefs Bahnhof 07:25, platform 3: Train E 2104
Schwarzenau im Waldviertel 09:18, platform 2
Schwarzenau im Waldviertel 09:40, platform 11: Train R 6315
Waidhofen/Thaya 09:53 (travel time: 2:28)
Pick up by Gerhard. (Don't forget to notify him before.)
Wien Franz Josefs Bahnhof 10:30, platform 3: Train E 2106
Schwarzenau im Waldviertel 12:23, platform 1
Schwarzenau im Waldviertel 12:27, platform 2: Train R 6319
Waidhofen/Thaya 12:40 (travel time: 2:10)
Pick up by Gerhard. (Don't forget to notify him before.)
  On Sunday (Feb 12th) there is no regular bus leaving Kautzen. But the organizing team will arrange for a possibility to get to Waidhofen/Thaya!
        By car:
      From Linz:
Freistadt - Weitra - Schrems - Heidenreichstein - Ruders - Weißenbach - Kautzen
From St. Pölten:
Krems - Horn - Waidhofen/Thaya - Thaya - Peigarten - Kautzen
From Vienna:
Highway "Stockerauer Autobahn" (A22), direction Prague - Maissau - Horn - Göpfritz/Wild - Waidhofen/Thaya - Thaya - Peigarten - Kautzen
For participating in ride sharing, please, check the newsgroup Open Page. (Feel free to post in English.).
    How to find the festival place?
      Watch the direction signs to be found nearby the church, ask for the "Hauptschule", or, check the map of Kautzen. (The festival will take place at no. 7, grid square D5.)
      Classrooms at the festival site will be adopted as sleeping halls. Bring your own sleeping bag and mat..
Alternatively, there are several possibilities for other accomodation in Kautzen. (See below: Tourist information.) Please, organize the booking yourself.
      At the festival site you will get snacks and a simple breakfast (not included in the festival fee). A restaurant, an inn and a fast food is to be found within a distance of 500 metres.
    Festival program:
      Free juggling, workshops.
Public show: Saturday, 8 p.m., amongst others with Thomas Dietz, Mario Filzi and Duo Top Schpinn (Laszlo Pinter and Martin Krinninger).
      For the whole festival: EUR 20,-
Day tickets: Friday: EUR 7,-, Saturday: EUR 10,-, Sunday: EUR 7,-
Free admission for children up to the age of 14.
    Please, note:
  Don't forget to bring indoor shoes!
  You are not allowed to use open fire, paraffin, fluids for fire spitting or similar stuff in the school building!
  Animals are not allowed in the school building!
  In this part of Austria it can be terribly cold at this time of the year. So, please, dont forget appropriate clothing and shoes!
  Groceries and supermarkets are closing on Saturday at 12:00.
  The attendance at the festival is at your own risk.
    Festival folder:
(Sorry, only in German)
      Gerhard Bräuer
E-Mail: gerri@webpim.at
Phone: (+43) 664 4108149
    Tourist information:
      Homepage Kautzen:
    German: http://www.kautzen.com/
    Czech: http://www.kautzen.com/Tschechische%20Homepage.htm
    Some further links (German only):
      Hauptschule Kautzen (festival site): http://www.hskautzen.ac.at/