Kremser Jongliertreffen Termine: Jonglierfestivals: 8th Kremser Jongliertreffen      [Deutsch]
    8th Kremser Jongliertreffen
      Aug. 26-28, 2005
      Krems an der Donau
Small town in Lower Austria, by the riverside of the Danube, about 60 km west-northwest from Vienna. The festival will take place in a large sports centre: Ausportplatz and Sporthalle Krems.
Registration and Infopoint: Sports ground Ausportplatz, a few minutes walk from the Sporthalle.
    How to get there:
    By airplane:
      Vienna is an international flight destination. From Vienna airport Schwechat catch a bus and leave it at City Air Terminal which is close to train and subway station Wien Mitte/Landstraße. Take subway line U4 (direction Heiligenstadt) and get off at Spittelau. From the train station close by there are trains going frequently to Krems.
        By train:
      If coming from west (by Westbahn) get off in St. Pölten and catch up a train to Krems.
If coming from the South (by Südbahn), get off in Vienna at station Wien Meidling, take subway line U6 (direction Floridsdorf) to Spittelau. From the train station close by there are trains going frequently to Krems.
If coming from east (by Ostbahn) get off in Vienna at Süd/Ostbahnhof, take tramline D (direction Nußdorf) to Franz Josefsbahnhof. From here trains are going frequently to Krems.
If coming from north it might be shorter not to travel via Vienna. E.g. the quickest way to go from Prague to Krems is Praha hl.n. - Gmünd (Lower Austria) - Absdorf-Hippersdorf - Krems.
        By car:
      Take the highway Westautobahn either from Salzburg or Vienna to St. Pölten, and from there the road S33 to Krems. From Vienna you may take alternatively the road Bundesstraße 3 which you have to leave at the exit Krems-Zentrum.
    How to find the festival place:
      It's a 10 minute walk from the train station. See map.
If you get lost ask for the Sporthalle Krems!
      Tents' place on the festival site. (Bring your own tent)
    More information:
        Festival homepage (sorry, German only):
        Organizing team:
      Kremser Jonglierwerkstatt
Phone: +43 2732 81867
    Tourist information:
      Phone: +43 2732 82676
Fax: +43 2732 70011
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