Pinzgau Juggling Convention

1st Pinzgau Juggling Convention


August 18–21, 2011
(starting Thursday at 12 a.m., closing Sunday at 2 p.m.)


Land- und Hauswirtschaftliche Fachschule, Bahnhofstr. 5, 5671 Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße

Bruck is located in the Pinzgau (a part of Land Salzburg), about 5 km south of Zell am See. The festival will take place in and around a school building. At the jugglers’ disposal will be a gym, a small soccer field and a meadow.

How to get there?

By train:

Bruck is located at the Westbahn, one of Austria’s main railway lines. So, it’s easy to get there by train, e.g. from Salzburg (city), Linz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, or, Innsbruck. In either case get off in station Bruck-Fusch

The train ride e.g. from Salzburg (city) will take about one and a half hour. If you want to attend this year’s European juggling convention and the Pinzgau convention (which would an excellent idea since there is only an interval of 3 days between these conventions), the train ride from Munich will take less than three and a half hours.

For details and timetables, please, check:

By car:

From Salzburg:
Take the autoroute A 10 in direction Villach Graz. Leave it at junction Pongau in direction Bischofshofen, St. Johann/Pongau, Zell am See. Follow the Salzburgerstraße (L257) to Bruck.

From Innsbruck:
Take the autoroute A 12 in direction Salzburg München. Leave it at junction Wörgl Ost in direction B178, Brixental, St.Johann i.T. Follow the B 178, and later the B 311 in direction Zell am See. In Zell am See, the road through the tunnel Schmittentunnel in direction Bruck will bring you directly to Bruck.

How to find the festival place?

It’s a two-minute walk from the train station. Follow the direction signs.


In the school building:

Classrooms will be adopted as sleeping halls. Bring your own sleeping bag and mat. At a small extra charge (5 Euro per night) families can stay in students’ rooms. (Only for families, only if preregistered.)


At the festival site there will be a (very small!) camping area.

Private accomodation:

For more information, please, check:
Organize the booking yourself.


Breakfast is included in the convention fee. Snacks, beverages, and on Friday and Saturday hot meals will be offered at a fair price. More details are to be found at the festival’s homepage.

Festival program:

Usual convention stuff. For a detailed time schedule, please, visit the festival’s homepage: Programm

Cost (presumably):

4 days (3 overnight stays): EUR 22,- (if preregistered), EUR 27,- (otherwise)
3 days (2 overnight stays): EUR 17,- (if preregistered), EUR 22,- (otherwise)
2 days (1 overnight stay): EUR 10,- (if preregistered), EUR 15,- (otherwise)
Free admission for cyoung people up to the age of 14.


See Voranmeldung at the festival’s homepage (information in English).

Further information:

Festival homepage:
Information in English:


Club FKK im Pinzgau


Michael Zandl
Email: PJC [AT] gmx . at
Phone: +43 664 4060441

Tourist information:

Area Großglockner-Zellersee:
Phone: +43 6545 7295
Fax: +43 6545 7295 -13

Bruck is located close to the Hohe Tauern National Park, covering a part of the Alps, where several of Austria’s highest mountains are to be found, e.g. the Großglockner (3798 m/12,461 ft) and the Großvenediger (3666 m/12,028 ft). Furthermore, Bruck is the starting point of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, climbing up to a height of 2,504 metres (8215 feet), providing excellent views into the national park.

So, it might be a good idea to combine your festival attendance with a stay in this area, e.g. walking through nice scenery, or, unicycling up the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. But, please, keep in mind that this is alpine area and several walking routes should be done only by trained and experienced mountaineers. Also, unicycling up the High Alpine Road is certainly a challenge. (But it has been done before, probably the first being the jugglers Christoph Habringer and Ilja Knippschild who unicycled in 1995 from Innsbruck to the Klagenfurt juggling festival in Carinthia. (For a report see Kaskade, iss. 39))

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